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 1981Hard Feelings  gallery
 1984All The Years  
 1985Toby McTeague  gallery
 1987Taking Care of Terrific  gallery
 1988Betrayal of Silence  gallery
 1988Love & Murder  gallery
 1988Martha, Ruth & Edie  
 1988No Blame  gallery
 1988Return of Ben Casey  
 1990Maggie's Secret  
 1993Love & Human Remains  gallery
 1994Ultimate Betrayal  gallery
 1994To Save the Children  gallery
 1995Derby  gallery
 1995Iron Eagle IV  gallery
 1996Hysteria  gallery
 1996Marriage Bed, The  gallery
 2000Common Ground  gallery
 2000Stardom  gallery
 2000The Stalking of Laurie Show  gallery
 2001What Makes a Family  gallery
 2001Wandering Soul Murders  gallery
 2003In The Dark  
 2004Thought Crimes  

 1998Mystery Project, The: Peggy Delany  
 2004Faint Hope  

 1985Street Legal  gallery
 1988Katts and Dog  
 1988Night Heat  gallery
 1989My Secret Identity  gallery
 1990T. and T.  gallery
 1991Tarzan  gallery
 1996Kung Fu: The Legend Continues  gallery
 1998Mystery Project, The: Peggy Delaney  
 1999Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal  gallery
 2000Timothy Goes To School  
 2000Seven Little Monsters  
 2002Relic Hunter  gallery
 2002Mutant X  gallery
 2003Train 48  
 2003My Dad the Rock Star  
 2003Cardinal Sins  

 1985Just Me  
 1985One More Ride  
In-Person Appearances

 1999Lights, Camera, Auction! Take 2  gallery
 2001Lights, Camera, Auction! Take 4  gallery
 2002Lights, Camera, Auction! Take 5  gallery

 1988A Date  


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