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Ultimate Betrayal

 Mar 1994  TV Movie (Drama)  Karla


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Directed by:   Donald Wrye

Marlo Thomas as  Sharon
Mel Harris as  Susan
Eileen Heckart as  Sarah McNeil
Kathryn Dowling as  Beth
Henry Czerny as  Ed Rodgers
Donna Goodhand as  Dana Quinn
David B. Nichols as  Pat
Joanne Vannicola as  Karla
Justin Louis as  Wayne
Kim Schraner as  Susan age 15-19
Brett Pearson as  Dave
Valerie Buhagiar as  Helen
Ally Sheedy as  Mary Rodgers
Nigel Bennett as  Steve

Based on a true story, a family is torn apart when two adult sisters decide to take their father to court for sexually abusing them as children.

As the story unfolds, it is revealed that the father severely abused all six children, and committed incest with all four of his daughters. The two sons received the worst of the physical abuse. The mother stood haplessly by and allowed her husband to control the family through his methods of "discipline". The movie includes graphic descriptions and scenes of the abuse which are disturbing.


Sharon Simone's website - This is the same Sharon who's ordeal is depicted in this movie!

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