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Toby McTeague

 1986  Film (Action)  Parker


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Directed by:   Jean-Claude Lord

Yannick Bisson as  Toby McTeague
Winston Rekert as  Tom McTeague
Andrew Bednarski as  Sam McTeague
Stephanie Morgenstern as  Sara
Timothy Webber (I) as  Edison Crowe
Liliane Clune as  Jenny Lessard
Evan Adams as  Jacob
George Clutesi as  Chef
Hamish McEwan as  Mike Lynn
Tom Rack as  Faulkner
Anthony Levinson as  Peter
Mark Kulik as  Ben
Joanna Vanicola as  Punker
Doug Price (I) as  Games Announcer
Ian Finlay as  TV Reporter

Toby McTeague (Yannick Bisson) is a teen-aged boy, living in a flyspeck town in Northern Canada with his father and younger brother. Toby's thriving livelihood, raising and training sled dogs, is threatened by a dip in the local economy. His problems are intensified by the ongoing hostilities between Toby and his dad (Winston Reckert). Running away from home, Toby makes the acquaintance of elderly Indian chief George Wild Dog (George Clutesi), who years earlier had been "shaman," or spiritual advisor, to Toby's father. It is Chief Wild Dog who mystically brings father and son together at the film's climax, in addition to rescuing Toby's sled-dog business in a near-miraculous fashion.

Joanne's name appeared as "Joanna Vanicola" in the credits.

Also released as "Toby".


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