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The Stalking of Laurie Show

2000/12/12 TV Movie Tabitha


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Directed by: Norma Bailey  

Mary Margaret-Humes   Hazel Show
Jennifer Finnigan   Laurie Show
Marnette Patterson   Michelle Lambert
Rel Hunt   Butch Yunkin
Jessica Greco   Samantha Gardner
Joanne Vannicola   Tabitha

The story begins as Laurie (Jennifer Finnigan) and her newly-divorced mother Hazel (Mary-Margaret Humes) move to a small town in Pennsylvania which neighbors an Amish community. Laurie finds it easy to settle into her new surroundings, and she quickly begins to make new friends.

Laurie and her new friend Samantha attend their school's junior prom in order to cover it for the yearbook video. At the prom, Laurie meets Michelle Lambert (Marnette Patterson) and Butch Yunkin (Rel Hunt), the school's most popular couple, and Laurie and Samantha interview Michelle. After Butch and Michelle are voted prom king and queen, Butch approaches Laurie to tell her that Michelle is allowing him to dance one slow dance with someone else -- and that she is the lucky lady he has chosen. Oddly, Michelle seems to take some sort of sick pleasure in seeing the two of them together.

Michelle slowly makes Laurie her new best friend, inviting Laurie into her circle of friends and bringing her along to all their outings -- all of which also include Butch. But as time passes, Michelle begins to cause jealous scenes in front of Laurie, and constantly confronts Butch about the fact that he once admitted to Michelle that he wants to sleep with Laurie. Laurie soon finds herself constantly apologizing to Michelle and trying to convince Michelle that there is nothing going on between her and Butch.

At a party one night, Butch comes on to Laurie stronger than ever before, and they soon end up alone, making out in a barn. When Laurie decides she doesn't things to go any further, Butch rapes her. Suddenly Michelle bursts in on them, begins screaming at Laurie for having stolen Butch from her, and announces that she is carrying Butch's baby. Laurie runs out in tears, ashamed and scared.

Michelle becomes obsessed with Laurie, and soon convinces everyone to think of her as a victim and of Laurie as the slut who tried to steal Butch from her. She begins making threatening phone calls to Laurie's house, rallies all of her friends to harass Laurie, and even starts talking to her friends about killing her. When Hazel finds out what's going on, she goes to the police, but is told that little can be done.

One night, while Laurie is waiting for a friend in a mall parking lot, Michelle appears with her circle of friends (which now includes Samantha, Laurie's friend from when she made the prom video). The group holds Laurie down while Michelle beats her up, and Laurie ends up in the hospital. The cops are called in to investigate, but Laurie has no way of proving Michelle was to blame because all of Michelle's friends corroborate her fake alibi. However, most of Michelle's friends begin to realize that Michelle's obsession is going too far, and they refuse to help her further in her crazed scheme to destroy Laurie.

As the new school year begins, the pregnant Michelle moves into a trailer with Butch, who has to work two jobs to support them. Michelle winds up having a miscarriage (which she also blames Laurie for), and comes around to the school looking for her old allies, who now no longer care to help her. Finally, Michelle ends up befriending Tabitha, a loner who has always worshipped Michelle.

Now, as Laurie prepares to leave town and move in with her father, Michelle makes plans with Tabitha and Butch to do exactly what she has been talking about doing for so many months: kill Laurie Show. Will Michelle's twisted web of jealousy, lies, and deception wind up costing Laurie her life?

Synopsis from USA Network.

This is a USA Network Original movie.

USA Network: The Stalking of Laurie Show

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