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Seven Little Monsters

Sept 2000 TV Series, Animated One



Written by: Sean Cullen
  Jeph Loeb
  John Pellatt
  Kenn Scott

Debra McGrath as  Mama
Joanne Vannicola as  One
Colin Mochrie as  Two
Dwayne Hill as  Three
Sean Cullen as  Four / Five / Seven
Michele Scarabelli as  Six

From Maurice Sendak, world-renowned author-illustrator of Where the Wild Things Are, comes Seven Little Monsters. The show stars - you guessed it - seven not-so-little monsters who live with their loving Mom at #1234567 Chestnut Street. Not your typical neighbors, the series follows the seven monsters through their hilarious day-to-day misadventures as they confront life's challenges and work together as a family.


PBS: Seven Little Monsters

~~~~~~~~~ SEASON 1 ~~~~~~~~~
Ep# Title Synopsis

101 Good Morning! The Monsters learn the value of teamwork when they are sent to the store for milk. One wants to be in charge, Six falls asleep on the departing bus, Four tries to stage a mutiny and Seven loses his head. But in the end, they finally pull together and bring home a cow.

102 Good Night! It is bedtime and the monsters will not listen to their Mom and go to sleep. Pillow fights, conga lines and even a mosquito hunt are among their antics. But, when Mom reads them a fairy tale (featuring monsters in classics roles) they tumble off to sleep.

103 The Mystery of the Missing Five Irascible Four has to always look after his twin brother, Five. But, when Five's behavior includes eating Four's favorite toothpast and polishing his ankles with Four's favorite toothbrush, Four does the unthinkable and blurts out that he wishes Five had never been born. When Five disappears, the monsters think that he has gone to the hospital to "give himself back!" The hunt is on and Four learns that a pesky Five is beter than no Five at all.

104 Seven Monsters and a Baby Mom takes a nap, and a neighbor asks Seven to babysit. The monsters quickly find out that babysitting is harder than it looks. The baby turns the house and the monsters upside down. After a few close calls (and even a curtain call for an impromptu pirate play), the monsters manage the baby without ever waking up Mom.

105 Are You My Family? One and Six have different ideas of how to stage their Mother's Day party. Tempers flare and One suggests that if Six can't go along with her plan, maybe she'd be happier with another family. Six goes off in search of a "new" family, winding up as the star attraction at the circus. But, when One realizes that without Six they are not complete, the monsters persuade Six to come home.

106 Please, Mr Postman For Two, there is nothing worse than waiting for a special package. He waits and waits and waits while the other monsters are having fun. Trying to be helpful, Seven searches for the package only to lose his head at the post office. The head travels the globe, but gets back home just in time to personally deliver Two's package.

107 Doctor, Doctor! With the help of "doctor" Three, the monsters try to cure Two's cold so they can all go to the movies. After many hilarious remedies lead nowhere, they discover that Mom's advice of getting plenty of rest is the best cure of all.

108 Along Came Mary A groovy girl moves in next door and everyone wants to be her best friend. Each monster tries to outdo the other to win her friendship. In the end, they learn from Mary that they all can be best friends.

109 The Puppy The monsters bring home a puppy for a new pet and completely forget about Belinda the cow. When the puppy chews them out of house and home, the monsters have to learn to love and train the canine terror and win back Belinda's affections.

110 Fair Play With a big soccer game coming up, Seven feels like he's a burden to the team. The other monsters try to teach him to be a better player, but in the end, it is Seven who teaches them all to work as a team.

111 Spooky! The power goes out in their house during a storm and the monsters find themselves scared out of their wits. Four makes matters worse by trying to spook the others only to find out he is the biggest fraidy cat of all. Pulling together, they learn to be brave and that sharing their feelings is nothing to be afraid of.

112 The Plooky! When Four decides to be a movie director, he orders the rest of the monsters to make a video with him. But, after trying unsuccessfully to bully them into doing action, he learns that simply being nice gets more results.

113 Lost and Found Five finds a wallet full of cash in the park and all the monsters make plans to spend the money that isn't rightfully theirs. When they agree to wait a week for the real owner to come forward, sparks fly between the monsters. They learn the hard way that honesty is the best policy.

~~~~~~~~~ SEASON 2 ~~~~~~~~~
Ep# Title Synopsis

201 Losing Sam The monster kids search high and low for 5's missing turtle, Sam. Will the monsters ever find Sam, or will 5 have to resign himself to the loss?

202 Out of Sight One is unable to fly when she can't see properly. A visit to the optometrist helps to educate One, but her siblings need an education as well. It's not until the fussing over One stops, that One feels comfortable enough to listen to the doctor's advice.

203 All The Marbles Seven is fascinated with Monster Marbles, a toy he sees on TV. So when the Monsters decide to buy a birthday present for Mary, Seven takes the money and buys the marbles instead! Seven feels guilty about what he has done and learns the marbles aren't as great as advertised. In the end he learns to take commercials less seriously and that the best presents are sometimes the ones you make.

204 The Whole Tooth Six is mortified to learn before a big ballet recital she is losing a baby tooth. She tries to save the tooth with the help of her six siblings, but it's no use. After Mom tells Six the story of the Tooth Dwarves, Six learns everyone loses teeth and that the show must go on!

205 My Fair One One just loves to play baseball with Billy. But why doesn't Billy notice? Six comes up with a plan to make One more of a girl but that doesn't seem to help anyone, especially the baseball team! After trying to play baseball in a dress, One realizes it's better (and safer) to be herself.

206 Splitting Hairs Two is lacking in confidence prior to appearing as a contestant on his favorite game show. But after learning how to mail his entry form and learning that haircuts are safe, Two realizes he can achieve his goals by relying on himself.

207 Elephant! Four is skeptical about zoos and the animals they care for until he meets a friendly elephant named Wendy. When Wendy follows Four home from the zoo because she is lonely, Four learns that animals need friends, too.

208 A Day At The Firehouse The Monsters visit Chief Lubomir to learn about fire safety. Seven takes a real interest, but it's only out of fear that grows upon returning home. His fear affects the whole family until Seven learns he can be proactive about safety.

209 Runaway Mom Mom is angry after the Monsters build a hot air balloon using pieces of_house! When Mom sends everyone to their room she goes to the shed to work but everyone thinks she has run away. The Monsters decide to look for her and come to realize they should be more considerate. Everyone finally meets at the police station and Mom emphasizes that while parents get angry, she would never leave.

210 You Are What You Eat The County Fair is approaching and everyone is excited about the contests. Five decides to enter the pie-eating contest and secretly trains with Four. Then he forgets about healthy eating and becomes sick after eating all of Mom's pies! Mom explains a variety of healthy foods and exercise is important for everyone.

211 April Fools The Monsters are writing a play and despite everyone's input, Four and Five want a comedy. So while their siblings build sets and discuss plots, Four and Five practice practical jokes! They annoy everyone until the other Monsters decide to teach them a lesson. They lead Four and Five to believe aliens from Jupiter are after them but by the end the theatre everyone has built is ruined. Everyone learns that jokes are not funny when they hurt others.

212 It's A Wonder-Four Life Four's brothers and sisters are driving him crazy and he wishes he were an only child. Four is very surprised when he wakes up and learns his single wish has come true! After spending what should be a perfect day, Four is only lonely. He realizes he is lucky to have brothers and sisters after all.

213 The Adventures of Super Three The Monsters are charged with cleaning the basement but they get a little distracted! They pretend they are living in a world of superheroes and villains and make a bigger mess than when they started. They learn that sometimes it isn't a good idea to get so carried away!

~~~~~~~~~ SEASON 3 ~~~~~~~~~
Ep# Title Synopsis

301 Voyage To the Bottom of A Cereal Box Captain Threemo is excitedly awaiting the submarine he ordered by sending in cereal box tops. He intends to take his siblings to the bottom of the ocean in it. They have a marvelous day of pretend ocean exploration, but when the submarine arrives it turns out to be tiny and toy-sized, and Three must deal with his disappointment.

302 Bang! Zoom! To the Moon! After learning all about the moon from " Buzz" Three, Four decides to build a rocket and go there himself. The others join in the project, but their finished contraption won't leave the ground. Four overcomes his disappointment, realizing that they still had fun, and learned a lot along the way.

303 All Quiet on the Monster Front Two is trying to write a song for a contest and needs peace and quiet! His brothers and sisters are eager to help but being quiet is a real challenge for six rambunctious monsters!

304 Guys and Dolls Four is appalled to find Five playing with dolls. Hesets out to show him that there are activities only for girls, like ballet, and activities only for boys, like sports. Of course he's proven wrong at every turn and sees that he should let his brother do what makes him happy.

305 Drip, Drip, Drip! Four accidentally leaves the water running after brushing his teeth, and the whole family goes to the park. When the duck pond, wading pool and water fountain all go dry, the Monsters rush home to turn off the tap, having learned a valuable lesson about water conservation.

306 Ahoy, Me Monsters! A mysterious letter arrives for Pirate Captain Three, instructing him and his monster crew to solve a series of puzzles to find a buried treasure in their own back yard.

307 Ear Spy Seven eavesdrops on the others, learning their secrets so hecan pretend to read their minds. Impressed, they arrange a big show for all the neighborhood kids, but of course Seven's act falls flat. He has to admit he eavesdropped and apologizes to everyone.

308 High Noon The monsters wait impatiently for their cupcakes to finishbaking. Since time passes more quickly when you are doing something, they partake of some typically bizarre monster activities.

309 I'm Telling! While planning a backyard campout, One gets carried away with tattling on her siblings to Mom. She's telling on them for every little thing they do, so the other monsters leave her to camp out all alone. This isn't any fun, and One realizes that you can take 'telling' too far.

310 Nightmare on Chestnut Street Six wakes up from a bad dream and is too scared to go back to sleep. Each monster shares their worst nightmare and soon they are all shaking with fear. Mom reassures them that bad dreams are normal and can't hurt them and the exhausted monsters fall right to sleep.

311 No Place Like Home The monsters' house is a tight fit, and One really wants her own room, so they swap houses with their Uncle Shmooty, who lives all alone in a huge mansion. The monsters are excited at first about their spacious new home, but soon agree that bigger is not always better! The houses are quickly "unswapped" and the monsters happily squeeze back into their cozy old home.

312 Dinner For Breakfast It's bedtime but Four isn't sleepy. He asks the magic Plooky to make everything backwards so they don't have to go to bed. When night becomes day, they run outside to play... right into a crazy backwards world! Soon everyone is wishing for things to be back the way they were.

313 A Pony Tale During the local charity drive, Six can't bear to part with a toy horse she's outgrown. When the horse rolls off down a hill all the monsters chase after it. By the end of their chase, Six has realized that a new child will enjoy the horse just as much as she used to, and she agrees to give it away.

314 My Favourite Crustacean One accidentally brings home a hermit crab from the beach and decides to keep it as a pet. Soon the whole house is turned upside down by her attempts to make him feel at home. Finally One realizes that the crab will be happiest back where he belongs on the beach.

315 Pennies For Seven The monsters are collecting money to help the zoo buy a new panda house. Seven decides to collect pennies, but the others have much grander money-making schemes. In the end however, Seven has collected more money than the rest of them, proving that every little bit adds up!

316 The Nose Knows After his brothers make a joke about Pinocchio's nose Two starts to think that maybe his nose is too big and tries unsuccessfully to hide it with camouflage. When his nose comes in handy rescuing Belinda from a tree he comes to realize that his nose is what makes him unique.

317 Gone But Not Four-Gotten At a baseball game a very loud Four annoys Six so much she wishes he couldn't talk at all. Her wish comes true when Four loses his voice and the monsters go on a search for it all over town. Back at home, Mom prescribes bed rest for Four, and soon his voice is back as loud as ever.

318 The Winning Streak Six seems to be following in Mom's footsteps as achampionship bowler, but loses her confidence just before a big game. After losing her lucky thimble, she still bowls a perfect game, and realizes that confidence is more important than luck.

319 A Clean Sweep Mom is sick in bed and One promises to supervise the others in doing her housecleaning chores. When things start to go wrong, one doesn't ask Mom for help, preferring to tackle the problems herself. As a result, the monsters' cleaning efforts soon spin totally out of control and Mom must step in to restore order.

320 The Two Who Cried Ouch Two is sick one day and enjoys all the attention his brothers and sisters give him. When Two gets better, he fakes various injuries to continue getting special treatment...but of course by the time he really does get hurt they don't believe him any more!

321 The Monster Trash Six promises Mom she'll take out the trash this week, but instead she pawns off the chore on the other monsters. They simply stash the garbage bags throughout the house out of sight, out of mind! When the whole thing blows up, Six must face the consequences of her broken promise to Mom.

322 The Bad Hop During a baseball game the ball takes a bad hop and hurts One's wing. After a few days rest, One's wing is better, but she's afraid to rejoin the team. A talk with "Trot Along" Three convinces One that she's just got to "get back on that horse" and face her fears.

323 A Five-y Tale When Five is having trouble learning how to somersault his siblings try to give him advice the same way Mom usually does by telling a story. They tell some crazy fairy tales but only when Mom returns home is the moral of the stories revealed "try, try again". This inspires Five to try, try again until he accomplishes a perfect somersault.

324 The Big Store The whole family is on a shopping trip to a big department store. Six isn't paying attention as Mom gives instructions, and when she gets lost she doesn't know what to do. Finally a security guard reunites the family and Six learns she should always listen carefully to Mom's instructions.

325 These Are Your Lives The impossible has happened: the usually inseparable Four and Five are so frustrated with each other that they're not speaking. It seems that nothing can reconcile them, until Mom sends them to clean the shed together. Before they know it, they are playing and enjoying each other's company again.

326 The Bad Word Passing by a construction site, Two overhears a bad word. Repeating it back at home, he enjoys the shocked reactions of his siblings. Mom tells him a story about how bad words upset others and Two resolves to never say the bad word again.

327 Don't Pass Go Seven has bought a new board game and is so eager to get playing that he doesn't read the boring old rules. He quickly finds out that games go more smoothly and are much more fun when you know all the rules.

328 And Baby Makes Eight Three is jealous of the attention his siblings lavish on a neighbor's baby, and decides he wants to be a baby too. The family goes along with his act, but Three soon realizes that being a baby is not all it's cracked up to be. His siblings miss the old Three too, and are glad when he gives up being a baby and becomes his old "know-it-all" self again.


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