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Maggie's Secret

1990-04-10 TV Special Maggie


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Written by:   Dennis Foon and Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens

Joanne Vannicola   Maggie
Mimi Kuzyk   (mother)
Joseph Bottoms   (father)
Nathaniel Moreau   (brother)

John and his teenage sister Maggie feel shame and despair as they try to cope with their parents' chronic drinking and their father's frequent absences. Maggie tries to protect her little brother and her mother but the constant strain leaves her little time to study and her grades fall. The ultimate letdown is when their father returns without a job, but still drinking. Maggie reassures her father that they love him very much, but he tries to kiss and touch her. Horrified Maggie runs off. A concerned teacher confronts Maggie, concerned about her change in behavior and she finally talks. He listens, advising her to confront her mother.

CBS After School Special.

Joanne won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Performance in a Children's Special.

The Great Canadian Movie Guide Kids SOURCE: Ken Tucker: Television CBS Schoolbreak Special: Maggie's Secret

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