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Love and Murder

 1988  Film (Thriller)  prostitute


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Directed by:   Steven Hilliard Stern

Todd Waring as  Hal Caine
Kathleen Laskey as  Brenda
Ron White as  Officer Fred
Wayne Robson as  Janitor
Louis Negin as  Ginger
Joanne Vannicola as  Prostitute

To supply his illicit "matchmaking" service with fresh faces, photographer Hal Caine snaps photos of unsuspecting women through their apartment windows. When his telephoto lens accidentally captures the brutal slaying of a teenage girl, Hal suddenly finds himself the chief suspect in a string of shocking serial murders. What's worse, he and his fiancee (Kathleen Lasky) are now being methodically stalked by the real killer. In the pulse-pounding tradition of "Rear Window" and "Blow Up", it's a lethal darkly comic combination of Love & Murder.


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