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Love and Human Remains

 1993  Film (Drama)  Jerri


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Directed by:   Denys Arcand

Thomas Gibson as  David
Ruth Marshall as  Candy
Cameron Bancroft as  Bernie
Mia Kirshner as  Benita
Joanne Vannicola as  Jerri
Matthew Ferguson as  Kane
Rick Roberts as  Robert

Based upon a play by screenwriter Brad Fraser, Unidentified Human Remains and the True Nature of Love, Denys Arcand's dark-humored drama Love and Human Remains follows the lives of a group of young Canadians, with a particular focus on their romantic and sexual experiences. The central characters are two roommates, David and Candy. The cynical, witty David is a former television actor turned waiter, the lonely, dissatisfied Candy a book critic; the two were formerly lovers, before David proclaimed his homosexuality. Candy is also questioning her sexuality, having begun a lesbian affair after wondering if her failures with men indicates she might be happier with a woman; meanwhile, David is becoming acquainted with Kane, a handsome, young busboy of uncertain sexuality who idolizes the older David. The other members of the ensemble are also somehow connected to the roommates, through friendship or romance, including Benita, a young dominatrix and part-time psychic, and Bernie, a boastful but insecure young businessman. The couplings and shifting relationships of these characters are intercut with the rather more severe story of a serial murderer who has been terrorizing the city's women, allowing Arcand to place the film's melodramatic elements in an edgier context.

Nominated for five Genie Awards for 1994, winning: Best Adapted Screenplay by Brad Fraser.
Joanne was nominated for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role
The film was presented as a gala in the 1993 Toronto Festival of Festivals.

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