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1987 TV Series (Drama) unknown


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Produced by:  

Robert Wisden  
John Bayliss  
Joanna Vannicola  
Robyn Stevan  
Rachel Crawford  
Graham Greene  
Nicole deBoer  

Drama focusing on a school teacher (Robert Wisden) in a small, northern B.C. town, and the problems of various students and fellow teachers.

Though a regular TV series that was cancelled very quickly (only 5 1-hour episodes), since the individual episodes form a kind of coherent whole thanks to sub-plots, it could be thought of as a mini-series. Strong, emotionally dramatic drama was better than the vaguely similar Degrassi series, partly because it was aimed at an adult audience, and partly because of the professional actors and the exotic, quasi-arctic locale. Exceptional performances from all concerned. This was a follow-up to the 1986 TV movie.

Joanne was nominated for a Gemini Award: Best Performance by a Lead Actress in a Continuing Dramatic Role (1989).


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