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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is Joanne Vannicola anyway?
Joanne is an award-winning Canadian actress, social activist, and all-around nice person.

Q: Where can I send fan mail to Joanne?
Letters can be sent to the following address, but please do not ask personal questions about her private life or ask for signed photos. She does appreciate that you like her work, and getting your letters, but as a rule she doesn't like sending signed photos.
Joanne Vannicola
c/o Caldwell & Company
165 Danforth Ave
Toronto, ONT M4K 1N2

Q: Is there a way to just ask Joanne a question?
You can try reaching her via her agent at the above address.

Q: When and where was Joanne born?
In 1968 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Q: How tall is she?
Every bit of 5' 3.5". Dynamite comes in small packages!

Q: Has Joanne won any awards?
Joanne has won and been a part of numerous award-winning projects.

1987 Taking Care of Terrific New York International Film and Television Festival Silver Medal
1989 9B Gemini nominated Best Performance by a Lead Actress in a Continuing Dramatic Role
1990 Maggie's Secret Emmy won Outstanding Performance in a Children's Special
1993 Love and Human Remains Genie nominated Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role

Q: What movies and TV shows has Joanne been in?
Lots. See the filmography.

Q: What was Joanne's very first acting role?
"I started dancing when I was 3, with tiny tap shoes on my feet. My older sister was acting. One day, I watched the rehearsals and the little girl was sick. I jumped up: "I'll do it! I'll do it!' They just gave it to me because they needed a little kid."

Q: What was Joanne's very first theatrical movie?
"Love and Human Remains", a screenplay by Brad Fraser base on the novel "The Unidentified Remains of Human Love"

Q: Will there be any more episodes of "Psi Factor"?
All rights to "Psi Factor" have been purchased by TNT, and they have no plans for producing additional episodes or serial movies. Alas, "Psi Factor" shall only live on in re-runs.

Q: Where can I buy movies that Joanne has starred in?
Go to the IMDB website for Joanne, or do a search on or VideoFlicks


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