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This is by no means a complete listing. I will try to update this page on a regular basis. If you have a favorite cause, please .

Organizations which raise funds for Charities

All Star Charities
The Funding Exchange
MPICA - responsible for the Lights, Camera, Auction! events
National Centre for Volunteering Web Site


Code Pink

September 11, 2001

A Tribute to Heroes
American Red Cross
World Trade Center Miracles
Campbell's Soup 'Click-for-cans'
Hospice Angel Flight
Ontario Volunteer Emergency Response Team
Please be careful who you give your donations to, especially solicitations sent directly to your email address. Despite the trajedy that has happened, there are shameless people out there who are trying to make a buck from it.

Domestic Violence

Australians Against Child Abuse
Canadian Directory of Victim Services
Centre for Research on Violence Against Women and Children
Child's Cry Foundation
Children's Action Network
Children's Issues (Abuse, Missing, Violence)
DViP - domestic violence intervention project
The Family Violence Prevention Fund
The Good Knight Campaign
Kids Helping Kids
National Latino Alliance for the Elimination of Domestic Violence
The Natural Child Project
Panahghar - Safe House - UK
Rape Support - UK
RAWA - Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan
   Sign the petition (Joanne has!)
Safe House
Servicexchange Foundation - Trade your time for charity
Sisters of Charity (Grey Nuns) of Alberta
Stop The Violence - Face The Music Society - Gateway
Victim-Assistance Online
woman's aid online
Women's Aid Federation of England home page


Stop the Silence: Stop Child Sexual Abuse   The "Stop the Silence: Stop Child Sexual Abuse" project sponsors an annual National Race to Stop the Silence in April in Washington, DC. Please help by participating in the race or contributing to the cause.
Sight for Students
AFOS Children's Action Network
The Care Forum Charity Page

Lesbian and Gay Charities

The Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives
CUPIE: The Gay and Lesbian Counselling Service
The Lesbian & Gay Community Appeal
National Gay/Lesbian Task Force
Same Sex Marriage featuring a few words from Joanne in an article promoting the Equal marriage rally of 2003.

Womens' Health

The Breast Cancer Site
Woman to Woman: Endometriosis in the Lesbian Community


The Hunger Site Home
The Rainforest Site

"Click-for-free to Donate" Sites

The Breast Cancer Site
The Hunger Site Home
The Rainforest Site

Sites with Links to Charitable Organizations

BUBL UK: UK Registered Charities: A-Z by Name
CFD - Listing of Federation charities
Charity List
Charity Online English Links
Charity USA - a FREE Portal Community for Nonprofit Organizations
and their Members and Supporters Featuring an Exclusive Nonp
Charity VillageŽ Home Page
Charity's List- a list of non-profit, charitable organizations on the internet
Toronto Volunteer & Charity -
Useful links on childhood abuse, from DABS, UK

There are a lot of charities and worthy causes out there that need your help. They're easy to find, and it only takes a little effort on your part to help. Find one in your local area. You'll feel better if you do. :)

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