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The Christina Cox Fan Appreciation Site

~   ~   ~   Frequently Asked Questions   ~   ~   ~

Or, Questions you've always wanted to know the answer to,
but didn't know who to ask!

 Basic Stats
Name: Christina Allen Cox
Birthdate: July 31, 1970(?) (Leo - 47 (?))
Birthplace: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Height: 5' 6"
Eyes: Green

 What year was she really born?
The Toronto Star reported her age as 23 on March 15, 1996, making her 45 old today.
McLean's Magazine reported her age as 22 on September 30, 1996, making her 44 old today.
The Toronto Sun reported her age as 30 on November 26, 2000, making her 47 old today.
You're guess is as good as mine!

The youngest of three girls, Christina was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. She was first bitten by the acting bug while in third grade when her middle sister put Christina in her super8 movies. Although she had aspirations to be an Olympic gymnist, and remains a fitness buff to this day, she focused her studies on drama and dance throughout her tenure at Unionville High School of the Arts. She went on to attend Ryerson University where she studied theater for two years. She's been delighting audiences on TV and the silver screen ever since.

 Where can I contact her?
You can reach her thru her agents or manager:
US Agents:
Films: Andrew Ruf
Television: Jim Hess
360 N. Cresent Dr, N. Bldg.
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Jamie Levitt
1525 W 8th Ave
3rd Floor
Vancouver, BC
Brillstein Grey Entertainment
Jai Khanna
Danny Sussman
9150 Wilshire Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

 What is her email address?

 What awards has she won / been nominated for?
She was nominated for a Gemini award for 'Best Performance by an Actress in a Continuing Leading Dramatic Role' for her performance in the "F/X: The Series" episode "Red Storm".

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